Download WhatsApp Gold Uptodown APK 2023 (WhatsGold v16.00)

Download WhatsApp Gold Uptodown APK v16.00 (Latest Version 2023)

Download WhatsApp Gold from Uptodown, it is a modified application from the official WhatsApp is considered one of the best applications developed by the famous developer Abu Arab and is considered one of the best plus applications for messaging and instant chatting, WhatsApp Gold Uptodown, where this application contains many very wonderful features that won a number of A large number of users around the world, and the number of downloads of the application, “ Gold WhatsApp ”, has more than 10 million downloads, and it is a professional application in the true sense of the word.

WhatsApp Gold Uptodown

Download WhatsApp Gold 2023 Uptodown, it contains a huge number of great features that are not available in, the developed versions of WhatsApp Plus , and it works on all Android devices and is completely compatible with most devices, WhatsApp Gold, is updated periodically from our website without any problems, and it is a completely safe version It is simple and fast to use, and it is available in the application, which has very wonderful themes in changing the appearance, very wonderful transitions, backgrounds and available stickers. In addition, you can change the text font of WhatsApp Plus Uptodown and many advantages that pertain to the shape of the application. It is distinguished from the normal WhatsApp, raising the status 30 seconds with ease, and it is a wonderful and professional application It is beautiful in the sense of the word, and you can use more than one number in the same application with ease, such as Telegram.

Download WhatsApp Gold Uptodown 2023

Download WhatsApp Gold 2023, it is a professional instant messaging application for Android devices and is considered one of the best and most wonderful applications developed by the famous developer Abu Arab and has many advantages that are not available in other applications, WhatsApp Plus , and is characterized as a beautiful, simple, attractive and fast application by users and free of The malicious code is 100% safe and has been checked by programmers for Android applications, and the application is being developed continuously, and in every update, very great features are added and previous problems are fixed . It is classified within the social networking applications. You will be able to communicate freely and completely, as the application has no restrictions, such as the original WhatsApp, Google Store WhatsApp, and you can experiment and download, WhatsApp Gold, from the bottom of the article.
WhatsApp Gold Uptodown
Download WhatsApp Gold Uptodown APK 2023 (Latest Version v2023)

WhatsApp Gold Uptodown 2023 For Android 

WhatsApp Gold, is one of the most powerful applications ever, as people work that, WhatsApp Gold, is not available in the Google Play Store WhatsApp, so downloading the application will be available through the link at the bottom of this article without any trouble with a direct link from the Media website Fire is famous for downloading applications for free and downloading with the click of a button from the famous site mediafire, and it is one of the best developed applications, which has many advantages that are not available in all developed applications and obtains the user’s trust. It is very possible through this application to fully control privacy and enter your password so that no one can access your account and it is one of the best, developed versions of WhatsApp Plus Blue ever, Uptodown app st, WhatsGold Uptodown.

Features of downloading WhatsApp Gold 2023 for Android latest version 16.00 WhatsApp Gold

  • WhatsApp base update
  • Exclusively, the ability to send any emoji in interactions to messages of your choice by pressing "➕".
  • Exclusively double click on the message to do like 👍.
  • Adding a confirmation message before publishing the case (photo/video).
  • Added 👻 Stealth mode for calls! 👻.
  • Add Show callers that you are not online 🌫️.
  • Share anyone's contact in an easy way without sharing the person's information.
  • Add backup in the crash page.
  • Add a search from the Internet or use an emoji for a profile picture.
  • Activate listening to the audio recording in the background.
  • Add an option to hide the privacy terms notice (More settings > Settings > Hide privacy message) You can hide it without accepting.
  • Add subtitles for voice changer options.
  • Moved and fixed Copy Caption from long press to download options.
  • Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption.
  • Fixed background themes not applicable to some phones.
  • Fix hard full backup not working on Android 11+.
  • Other translations improvement fix.
  • Exclusively adding the opening of more than one account in WhatsApp easily, such as Telegram.
  • Exclusively add, change the voice, record the voice, enter the conversation, then the 3 points, then change the voice.
  • Exclusively added preview and confirmation before sending the poster.
  • Added option to delete downloaded emoji packages.
  • Add archiver in the home screen now takes color themes.
  • Adding the option to save the media when the option not to save to the studio is activated.
  • Add the effects of scrolling messages up and down within the conversation.
  • Added a new format for contact information.
  • Add a new shape while recording an audio clip.
  • Add an option to choose between instant translation and Google Translate (Extensions > Chat screen).
  • Fix false virus/malware reports.
  • Fixed a problem when entering group messages, opening previous messages.
  • Fix hidden conversations screen.
  • Fixed a blue microphone icon issue on the home screen.
  • Fix confirmation before video call.
  • Fix unclickable bot list.
  • Fixed mute indicator in WAMOD style.
  • Fixed message text copied when translating.
  • Many improvements and fixes discovered by yourself.

Information about downloading WhatsApp Gold 2023 | WhatsApp Gold v16.00

  1. Application name: WhatsApp Gold.
  2. Application version: v16.00.
  3. Application type: WhatsApp Gold for chatting.
  4. License: Free.
  5. Operating system: Android Android.
  6. Application language: multi-language.
  7. Application size: 50.19 MB.

Download Uptodown WhatsApp Gold APK 2023 For Android

An explanation of how to install, WhatsApp Gold 2023 APK, on ​​Android devices first, Download WhatsApp Gold, and then install WhatsApp without deleting the previous version of, WhatsApp Gold, and congratulations on the new update for 2023 and solving the problem of the application is not installed Make sure that there is enough space in your phone After that, restart the phone, and the installation has been done, and the application will work with you, God willing. You can also download the WhatsApp Blue Uptodown from our website with ease and with a direct link from Mediafire, Uptodownapp store watsabgold.

The most important features of WhatsApp Gold Uptodown Abu Arab 2023 WhatsApp Gold

  • Possibility to auto reply to all contacts.
  • Add scheduled messages to be sent any time you want.
  • Add a group message feature to groups.
  • Add a notification feature who viewed your status.
  • Adding a notification feature for those who changed the profile picture from the Gold WhatsApp settings .
  • The ability to change VSAT to VSAT Facebook or Twitter.
  • Easily convert long videos into clips of the allowed length on the status/story.
  • The ability to send 100 images at once. The option to send images with high accuracy.
  • The ability to send a jQuery message to a number that is not saved on your phone.
  • Hide the last seen and the blue correct and hide that you have seen the history of any person's status and all privacy options.
  • Theme store contains more than 4030.
Note: - Solve the problem of the application is not installed, make sure that there is enough space in your phone. The phone has been restarted, and after that I install and the installation will be done and it works with you 100%.
Download WhatsApp Gold 16.00

Download WhatsApp Red 16.00

Download WhatsApp Blue 16.00

Download WhatsApp Gold Red Pro 16.00

Download WhatsApp Black Gold 16.00

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WhatsApp Gold Uptodown

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