Download OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown APK 2023 (Latest Version v16.00)

Download OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown APK 2023 (Latest Version v16.00)

Download OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown 2023, which are the most prevalent versions of, WhatsApp OB Omar, the latest version , as it is a special application that is so famous in the world, including a copy, OBWhatsApp Omar Burgundy, the most famous and also a copy, WhatsApp Omar pink, with its distinctive and attractive pink color, as well as a copy, WhatsApp Omar Blue, with its terrible blue color, and also a copy, WhatsApp Omar Green, the fourth one of the best versions of WhatsApp Plus with many advantages, additions and characteristics that many people prefer to use And lovers of the upgraded versions of WhatsApp.

OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown

OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown 2023, it is not hidden from users, WhatsApp Omar Uptodown, it is a distinguished application from the Play Store for Android as well as from the iPhone App Store, the new WhatsApp Plus version application The versions include all the features in WhatsApp burgundy, pink, blue and green, it is WhatsApp that supports changing the color To all the colors you want and it is updated daily to add the latest features of WhatsApp for Android with all the features and without ban, as well as through the account. You can avoid hacking by two-step verification. It is one of the best developed versions in the current era. It also contains the Holy Quran and Islamic additions such as the morning and evening remembrances, and it is an easy application The use in its latest updates has become more popular than the official WhatsApp version, an upgraded version that deserves to shine among everyone. It is a free version available for all Android phones. You can download it easily from our official website.

OBWhatsApp Omar Burgundy Uptodown latest version 2023

Download WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi Uptodown, this WhatsApp was developed to run a number one, it is the first version of the developer, Omar Badeb, enjoys a wide fame than the rest of the versions includes many unique features and characteristics as it gives you the ability to do a lot of things that are not found in this original green WhatsApp The burgundy version is loved by many men and women. In terms of features, it is compatible with anyone who uses it. It is against the ban. This is why the developer, Omar Badeeb, has gained wide fame because he added many beautiful touches that won the admiration of many users in Arab countries who use, OBWhatsApp Omar 2023, This noteworthy version is free of any problems. It is considered a very secure version that carries many features such as privacy and security features such as the feature of hiding the last appearance and the feature of hiding the state of the Internet connection and preventing the appearance of the reading indicator and other wonderful features.
Download OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown
Download OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown APK 2023 (Latest Version v16.00)

OBWhatsApp Omar pink from uptodown latest update 2023

Download OBWhatsApp Omar pink Uptodown, this WhatsApp was developed to run a second number, a different and new version of the original WhatsApp in Arabic. At the beginning of each year, WhatsApp surprises us with many new releases, including the latest version, WhatsApp Omar pink, which has the features of all previous versions in addition to In order to address the defects of the previous versions, the developer, Omar Badeb, modified the pink version of WhatsApp in pink for girls and gave an opportunity for girls and girls to try a version of WhatsApp for girls free of the normal nature by customizing all the features of the other versions in which there is a feature to hide the appearance and the feature to hide viewing the status of your friends on WhatsApp as well as Hide the right to receive and other great basic features and many other possibilities that allow a large base of people to use this application as quickly as possible, and we previously explained the advantages WhatsApp Blue Uptodown You can view it on our website.

OBWhatsApp Omar Blue from Uptodown latest version 2023

Update WhatsApp Omar Blue Uptodown, without banning the latest version. This WhatsApp was developed to run a third number. It is considered one of the very important applications. It was designed and established in the year 2009. After that, it went through many stages of development and growth with great features and advantages. We find that it took a great spread, so the international company Facebook purchased, Download OBWhatsApp Omar Blue from Media Fire, and occupied it because of these distinctive features that have the best version among copies of, WhatsApp Omar Badeeb, as the best mobile application for instant messaging is the choice of many people who wish to enjoy many more special and unique features The most popular version is, WhatsApp Omar Burgundy, it is characterized by a lot of privacy, perhaps you will realize how wonderful this application is if you try this version, this application has managed to collect a large fan base from all over the world in the Middle East and the Arab world, especially due to the rare features that cannot be found in the original green WhatsApp or any other Modified WhatsApp version.

WhatsApp Omar Green from Uptodown for Android latest version 2023

Download WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar from Uptodown, as it is known that it is the fourth version of, Download Uptodown OBWhatsApp APK 2023 For Android, the four that carry the wonderful green color with many features and additions. Here is the upgraded version that contains all the features in the rest, Other versions of WhatsApp Omar, such as privacy options, hiding appearances, downloading cases, changing themes, and all and all the other well-known features. Download the blue WhatsApp Uptodown with a direct link without any hassle from our website with ease, and also download the WhatsApp Gold Uptodown with a direct link.

Features of downloading OBWhatsApp Omar 2023 for Android latest version 16.00

  • WhatsApp base update
  • Exclusively, the ability to send any emoji in interactions to messages of your choice by pressing "➕".
  • Exclusively double click on the message to do like 👍.
  • Adding a confirmation message before publishing the case (photo/video).
  • Added 👻 Stealth mode for calls! 👻.
  • Add Show callers that you are not online 🌫️.
  • Share anyone's contact in an easy way without sharing the person's information.
  • Add backup in the crash page.
  • Add a search from the Internet or use an emoji for a profile picture.
  • Activate listening to the audio recording in the background.
  • Add an option to hide the privacy terms notice (More settings > Settings > Hide privacy message) You can hide it without accepting.
  • Add subtitles for voice changer options.
  • Moved and fixed Copy Caption from long press to download options.
  • Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption.
  • Fixed background themes not applicable to some phones.
  • Fix hard full backup not working on Android 11+.
  • Other translations improvement fix.
  • Exclusively adding the opening of more than one account in WhatsApp easily, such as Telegram.
  • Exclusively add, change the voice, record the voice, enter the conversation, then the 3 points, then change the voice.
  • Exclusively added preview and confirmation before sending the poster.
  • Added option to delete downloaded emoji packages.
  • Add archiver in the home screen now takes color themes.
  • Adding the option to save the media when the option not to save to the studio is activated.
  • Add the effects of scrolling messages up and down within the conversation.
  • Added a new format for contact information.
  • Add a new shape while recording an audio clip.
  • Add an option to choose between instant translation and Google Translate (Extensions > Chat screen).
  • Fix false virus/malware reports.
  • Fixed a problem when entering group messages, opening previous messages.
  • Fix hidden conversations screen.
  • Fixed a blue microphone icon issue on the home screen.
  • Fix confirmation before video call.
  • Fix unclickable bot list.
  • Fixed mute indicator in WAMOD style.
  • Fixed message text copied when translating.
  • Many improvements and fixes discovered by yourself.

Information about downloading OBWhatsApp Omar 2023 | WhatsApp Omar v16.00

  1. Application name: OBWhatsApp Omar.
  2. Application version: v16.00 .
  3. Application type: OBWhatsApp Omar for chatting.
  4. License: Free.
  5. Operating system: Android Android.
  6. Application language: multi-language.
  7. Application size: 50.19 MB.

The most important features of OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown 2023

  • Possibility to auto reply to all contacts.
  • Add scheduled messages to be sent any time you want.
  • Add a group message feature to groups.
  • Add a notification feature who viewed your status.
  • Adding a notification feature for those who changed the profile picture from the Omar WhatsApp settings .
  • The ability to change VSAT to VSAT Facebook or Twitter.
  • Easily convert long videos into clips of the allowed length on the status/story.
  • The ability to send 100 images at once. The option to send images with high accuracy.
  • The ability to send a jQuery message to a number that is not saved on your phone.
  • Hide the last seen and the blue correct and hide that you have seen the history of any person's status and all privacy options.
  • Theme store contains more than 4030.
Note: - We have provided you with links to download other versions of WhatsApp that are much better than OBWhatsApp, you can try.
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OBWhatsApp Omar Uptodown

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